Fish with human-like teeth

Would you dare eat a fish with human like teeth? And they’re not Photoshopped.

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Fishes with human like-teeth! And no, these are not Photoshopped! Presenting the Pacu and Sheepshead fish!

The Pacu fish is related to the meat-eating Piranha but Pacu is omnivorous with a squarer and straighter teeth like humans.

They use their teeth to crush nuts, fruits and some vegetable. But sometimes they also eat other fishes and invertebrates.

The Sheephead Fish

They are well-known as ‘ball cutter’ because they castrate the testicles of a male swimmer mistaking it for a floating fruits or nuts which they usually eat.

The Pacu Fish
The Pacu Fish.

The Sheepshead Fish has more human teeth than the Pacu. These helps them eat a more wide-range of omnivorous food with a vibration of vertebrates, invertebrates and some plants too.

References: Image screenshot and video from Epic Nature


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