City Councilwoman tries to hold her laughter

Woman’s priceless reaction when Mayor forgets to turn his off mic during bathroom break

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You’d expect that a council meeting would have a more serious tone during its proceedings but this one turned out to be full of giggles as the mayor of Georgetown, Texas, had a little mishap about using modern technology.

When Mayor Dale Ross took a break in the middle of a city council meeting on April 28, he accidentally left his microphone on as he used the bathroom. City councilwoman Rachel Jonrowe was speaking about antibiotic resistance and its consequences when they heard the mayor taking a leak in the restroom.

Jonrowe did her best to continue her speech but she couldn’t help but have a giggle fit especially when the mayor flushed the toilet. When the mayor returned, Jonrowe wasn’t able to continue as she is overcome with laughter. After all, everybody knew the mayor didn’t wash his hands after his bathroom break!

The video ends without anyone seemingly acknowledging what happened, although the one beside Mayor Ross may have told him. But neither Councilwoman Jonrowe nor Mayor Ross had acknowledged this very embarrassing incident.


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