A proud woman with her brand new television

Something bad happened while vlogging the brand new TV

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This lady was very excited on her LG Ultra HD TV 84 inches however, a bitter experience struck her after it was delivered.

The woman on the video below is Naila Nayem. She is a famous professional model in print and commerical in Bangladesh. On her facebook profile, she share her day to day activities and anything using her mobile phone.

Woman excited to show her brand new 84 inch TV, but something happened

One day, her huge TV is scheduled for delivery. Due to her excitement, she recorded herself on her way to the delivery truck using a monostick and mobile phone. She was very delighted and thrilled that she can now finally watch movies on her new big screen.

She exclaimed,

This big 84 inch, huge, big, big, massive. Let me show you my TV. I’m very excited about it and I don’t have any regrets about it and I’m happy.


Naila Nayem on her way out of their house.


A cynical experience happen to her huge TV when a motorbike accidentally hit the delivery man which let the TV fall off the ground from the delivery truck.

See how she reacted that mishap.


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