Wife's epic reaction to a prank

Flash Report: Kasama sa na-raid si Mister (Wow Mali)

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The actual stars of the show are men on the street – individual Filipinos, caught by the candid camera in out of the ordinary and completely funny situations.

Just like on their segment titled News Flash where they will prank a woman with the help of his husband. It started off at a restaurant where the couple is having dinner.

Wife saw her Husband in a news report while they’re eating, how she reacted was epic

While they were eating, a news report flashed on the television screen. As the woman locked her eyes on the screen, her husband was acting like he was uneasy. They were both watching attentively on the news about a raid in a ‘bahay aliwan’ in Novaliches, Quezon City.

For those who knew about the prank, things got really hilarious when the husband was caught by the camera while the police are arresting the suspects at the ‘bahay aliwan’. But the wife, who doesn’t have a clue on what’s happening, turned her furious face on her husband.

The woman can’t even utter a word when the news reported that his husband managed to run away from the crime scene and that the police are looking for him.

After the distressing news flash, the woman started to threaten his husband. But all in fairness with her, she kept calm and composed despite everything!

Then the police came and arrested the husband. The woman was so furious she seemed to not care that his husband was going to be taken by the police!

The prank ended after the police handed out an envelope which reveals that she was on Wow Mali Pa Rin. The woman was speechless and just shared laugh of relief with his husband.


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