Adele standing behind her impersonators

Adele auditions to impersonate “herself”, pranks the other applicants

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Adele is an English singer and song writer we all know that she is one of the greatest person on the industry of music.

What happens when Adele pranks her fans and join the list of impersonators who will audition on BBC Music to impersonate herself?

This prank let Adele introduced herself as Jenny. The host asked her how does she prepared to impersonate an artist like Adele, She says that she had a surgery just to be a perfect replica of Adele. The host of the said show can’t believe that he was interviewing a person who looks like a duplicate of Adele, after the interview he requested her to go on back stage and be ready for her performance.

Her co-contestants believed that she was just an impersonator of Adele. This prank may sound confusing, but the one who’s impersonating Adele is also Adele. As the contest goes by, Adele stepped up on stage and perform like she was just imitating herself. They were all amazed when she started singing, the audience were on their “OOOOOOOHHH THAT WAS AWESOME” face. Her co-contestants had a face to face interview and they believed that the girl who performed a while ago is an impersonator.


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