The selfie accident

WATCH: Woman accidentally destroys 1 Million worth of artwork because of “selfie”

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What would it take to make the perfect selfie?

When your bored or having fun with your friends, most of us has the habit of taking a picture of ourself using mobile phones.

Some of us use a selfie stick or if your lucky you can have your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend take your picture. There are also some daredevil stunts that only people who have a strong and brave heart.

They are the lucky ones.

Some are not so lucky that it cost Php 1,000,000 worth of art damaged because of a university student positioned her self so that her friend can take a picture of her. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and created a domino fall like which damaged different crowns that was featured during the art show.

Good thing luck was on her side.

The owners of the art show will not press any damages to the student since it was clearly shown on the video that it was not done intentionally but was an accident.


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