American guys describes Pinay hottest celebrities

Watch how these American Guys react to Pinay celebrities

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What do you think are the impressions of these American guys upon seeing the Instagram photos of Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, Marian Rivera and Anne Curtis.

Last time, FOMO Daily uploaded a video of American girls describing Pinoy heartthrobs, and now its the American guys’ turn to make describe today’s hottest Pinay celebrities by looking at their Instagram photos.

We know that most of today’s beautiful stars are teenagers, but are we aware of how other people see them? Do you know how people from other countries would react after seeing their own photos from their Instagram accounts? Let’s see what they think about to our Pinay celebrities.

The first Pinay celebrity they have to describe was the Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo. The first picture that was shown to them was Kathryn posing with flowers on her background. The 6 guys were all blown-away with her beauty. According to one of them, he thinks that Kathryn’s photo is less Photoshop that it’s her natural beauty.

Upon looking at her Instagram photos, they described her account like she was a ‘product’, maybe because Kathyrn’s Instagram photos are more of her endorsements. But one guy said that she would like her page because he thinks they could get along.

When Liza Soberano’s photo was shown in front of them, almost all of them were mesmerized with her beauty. One guy even said that she looks like a girl from New York. She was described as “the girl who would first leave a party”. They all liked her face, especially with her Kobe photo posted on her Instagram account, in which one guy was impressed that Liza has more other interest than taking and posting selfies.

With Nadine Lustre’s first photo, they noticed that her picture was photo-shopped and they were not impressed at all. But when they got to see her Instagram pictures, they took back what they said before and apologized that they have judged her instantly. Upon checking her photos, almost all of them were amazed with her feed. They began to liked her because they thinks she’s artsy. Three of the 6 guys said that they would like and DM her.

Next in line is the Prime time Queen Marian Rivera. The first word they described her was she was stunning! But they doesn’t like the first photo of Marian and thinks she’s more of what in the photo. When they opened her Instagram account and saw her unphotoshopped picture, they were blown away with her super beautiful face and said that she’s gorgeous. But at the end, the guys said she was just not their type but still praised her.

Last but definitely not the least is Anne Curtis which we call her ‘Diyosa’. When the interviewer said that she’s half Australian, they immediately took the phone and looked at her Instagram photos. According to one guy, her feed is a real Instagram account, with Anne’s random photos. They described her as a very pretty and good-looking woman. They liked her because Anne does outdoor stuff, she’s drop-dead gorgeous and she got a cool cat. All of them said that they would for sure DM, Follow, and Like her.

We all know that Pinays are really beautiful and what these American guys just said with our hottest Pinay celebrities.

The video was not created to judge these ladies but it’s just that each one of us has different perspective and it can only be reveal by voicing it out.

The guys seemed to like It’s showtime host Anne Curtis based on her Instagram photos!


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