Kids' response to dropped wallet

Watch how kids reacts when someone drops their wallet in a Social Experiment

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One windy day in a bus station, a kid was tested on how they will response to a people who drops their wallet.

This scene is already set up and the passenger of the bus are real actors and actresses acting that their wallet will got lost.

Some of the parents place their children into this wallet drop test and to check how their children will react. Will they be a good citizen aside from being a good child to their parents.

On the video below, you will see the kid’s touching gesture of informing the person that they dropped their wallet. Some of the kids are too shy to tell that person and wait for a few minutes to inform them. Some of them pick it up and give it to the owner. Some of them wipe off the dirt on the surface of the wallet before handling it to the owner.

This sweet gestures from these sweet kids went viral over the net and it touches the heart of the netizens as well. Some of the parents try to ingrain good behaviour in our children. They teach them to respect others, do what is always right and in some point to make their own decisions.

It is safe to assume that these kids passed this test with flying colors. How about your kid will they do the same as the children in the video?


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