Crocodile's powerful bite

Watch how fast and powerful a Crocodile’s bite in slow motion

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Crocodiles are known for their powerful jaw, they can bite even the shell of a turtle and they can also break the strongest bone in an animal.

Slow-mo bite, Crocodile’s powerful jaws caught on video

On this video by Discovery on YouTube, a group of researchers conducted a test to study how powerful and fast a crocodile’s bite can be.

They used a High Speed Camera to capture the actual movement of the Crocodile in slow motion. A man will throw a whole watermelon into the mouth of the Crocodile. And as the reptile smashes the fregetable, the staff records the smashing details in slow motion. Not only that, they also records the details on how powerful and fast the “bite” of a croc.

If you want to see the epic scenario, check out the video.


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