Bug Zapper in slowmo

Watch how an Electric Fly Swatter zaps a bug in slow motion

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Electric flyswatters are hand-held devices that kills bugs using a high-voltage electricity.

These were invented in 1996 by Tsao-i Shih, a Taiwanese Inventor. These look-like a badminton or tennis rackets the become popular worldwide since it was first introduced. The device contains a high-voltage battery generator. It also composed of electronic oscillator, set-up transformer and voltage multiplier. Its functionality is the same as in an electroshock weapon or stun-gun. The grid of a flyswatter can charge upto 500 to 1500 voltes DC and it is being activated by pressing a button.

The electrically conductive body will kill a fly when it touches the bridges of the gap between the electrodes, a spark jumps to the unfortunate victim. The spark is generated by the capacitor that is attached to the electrodes when it is being discharges. The initial discharge can stuns or kills a fly. If the button is still pressed, it will toast and kill the fly. Some of the flyswatters have three grid layer to prevent the user from touching the electrodes. The outermost layer have an opening that allows the insect to contact the inner layer which is being charged with electricity.

Aside from the extra layer which serves as a safety to humans there are some other safety features that are satisfying as well. There is a limit on the electrical charge stored in a capacitor. Below 45 coulomb is considered safe. A 5 milliampere is set so that the current is safe even it is flowing from our arm to the other arms of you friend. Just incase your friend or kid is holding you while you are using the flyswatter.


A fly was killed up close and in slow mo
A fly was killed up close and in slow mo


In the video below, these dudes tries to capture an event when the fly is trapped in an electric flyswatter. You will see that these dudes used a slow motion camera and they zoom it closely. The scenes are shocking as the fly was decapitated after a series of electrical charges.

See and what it closely on the drama that was captured using a slow-motion camera.

What can you say about these footage that was captured on film?

References: Image screenshots and video from The Slow Mo Guys‘ YouTube Channel

WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.


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