China's Hottest Grandpa

Meet the oldest male model, tagged as the ‘hottest grandpa’

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Watch how an 82-year-old model outshines the younger ones

Being a model doesn’t require an age limit as long as you can capture the audience with your style and fashion.

A trending video of an 82-year-old model that walked the runway during China Fashion Week in Beijing circulated the internet and spawned thousands of Likes, Comments and Shares.

The Model and Actor

Wang Deshun also known as “China’s Hottest Grandpa”, 79 years of age during the event, walked the runway and showed his epic style in modeling wowed the audience during the China Fashion Week in Beijing, China.

He is also known for his movie roles in The Forbidden Kingdom, Warriors of Heaven and Earth and Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame.


China Fashion Week

The event was founded in 1997, it is a clothing trade show that features professional contests, exhibitions, fashion forums, and professional evaluations. The event is held semi-annually in Beijing, highlighting both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter styles each year. Source: Wikipedia



What can you say about the epic modeling of Wang Deshun?


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