Puffer Fish bites a can

Watch how a Pufferfish bites a can of Pepsi effortlessly

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This man caught a big fish and he discovered something that this fish can do with a tin can of Pepsi.

This man seized a silver-cheeked toadfish while fishing in the sea. This type of gill-bearing aquatic creature is abundant in the coasts of Israel, Turkey and Rhodes. This sea creature can also be found in Lampedusa Island near the Mediterranean countries.

This toadfish lives in open sea with a deep of 250 meters. They can grow up to 16 inches in length and sometimes classified as a pufferfish. The only difference is that it has a silvery band running on the sides.

On the video footage, the man shows a silvery soda can. After that, the fish ate the tin can and swallow it. It seems that this kind of fish have a strong jaw to take a small bite on the aluminum body.

See how this fish munch into the tin can.


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