Fast Pineapple peeling technique

Vendor peels a Pineapple in less than a minute, using his extraordinary technique

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A pineapple vendor shows the right way of removing the skin of the pineapple in less than a minute and it is the most effective way.

The pineapple vendor from the Philippines, shows how to remove the meat of the pineapple in the most effective way of peeling of the skin which 99% of the meat has been removed. Also they skin can be use as a home decor if you want it.

Here is his method of removing the skin, first he will cut of the top and bottom of the pineapple. Second he will make a slice around the meat and the skin of the fruit. Third, he will make a hole at the center of the pineapple, this is to remove the core of the pineapple. Lastly, he will shake until the flesh of the pineapple fruit falls off.



Here is an epic way of stripping off a pineapple.


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