The Maine Challenge

Challenge ni Maine, kaya mo bang hindi matawa?

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In a random video from Eat Bulaga, Maine Medoza dares her followers no to laugh while watching her very serious video clip.

The video starts in a very serious mode, Maine looked at the camera in a very serious manner and tries to convince the audience that she’s not doing anything funny.

Knowing Yaya Dub or Menggay, she’s a funny person and if you’re an avid follower, you know that there’s something going on behind her seriousness on this video.

The challenge is… you need to stare and look straight into her face without any reaction. And as the video continues, Maine started to act funny because she’s like trying to hold her laugh and not to disappoint her fans.


Mengay's big reveal.
Mengay’s big reveal.


Then all of a sudden, she smiled! Yes, she showed her lovely smile but there’s a catch. This is where you should not smile or laugh on what she did.

Did you try not to laugh? What can you say about this video? Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Thank you.


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