A man requested a breakfast in bed

Man wanted a “breakfast in bed” and woke up inside a resto

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Every morning starts a new journey and waking up early is hard especially if it’s a weekend where you can have a complete eight hours of sleep, sometimes more!

There are people who loves cooking breakfast for their friends, relatives or loved ones. This can help the sleepy ones wake up early because they can bring the food on the sleeping person’s bed.

Just like this video uploaded by Elliot Giles on YouTube, a man tries to wake up his buddy but he wants a “Breakfast in Bed”.

So he got a cool idea and decided to prank his buddy by bringing him to a restaurant for a literal “Breakfast in Bed”.

They carried the sleeping guy, together with the bed into the back seat of a van, they left the door open because the bed is too big.


 A screenshot from the video.
A man woke up for a literal ‘Breakfast in Bed’


Upon arriving at the restaurant, the man ordered the food for his sleeping buddy and then they pulled in the bed on the middle part of the place.

Check out the amazing reaction of the sleeping man when he wakes up inside a restaurant for his epic “Breakfast in Bed”.


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