The unusual family pet Lion

This Family lives with a Lion as their pet

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This family has lived with the king of the jungle since 1970. Since, then this cub has grown into a mighty lion.

Tippi Hedren, a hollywood actress, revealed that she let a fully grown lion live with her family for the last 44 years. They let the jungle beast play with her daughter, Melanie Griffith, who just turn 13.

LIFE magazine took a photos of the lion named Neil. This mighty ferocious beast can be seen relaxing over the family’s pool, sleeping at Melanie’s bed and sometimes a distrubance in the office.

Neil playing with Melanie (from LIFE Picture collection)

Hedren recalled that she finds the pictures humiliating and admits that she “should never have taken those risk”.

Don’t step on the sleeping lion (Life Picture collection)

Ron Oxley, Neil’s trainer, was always shadowing the beastly animal. Hedren tells them that lion is the first live-in and can go anywhere in the house.

Neil at the office (Life Picture collection)

Neil loves to sleep on Melanie’s bed and one night Hendren saw that Neil’s mouth is near from their daughter’s body. This sight is not good for some mom.

Can’t concentrate when Neil is there? (Life Picture collection)

We’re dealing with animals who are psychopaths. They have no conscience or remorse genes and they will kill you for their dinner

Hedren said as she refers to the butchers.

Most important, they were warned to take care the lion didn’t become possessive about anything, even a chair, which is when they are at their most dangerous.


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