Gladys Guevarra and Jamjam

This cute little girl stole the spotlight from Gladys Guevarra’s performance

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Gladys Guevarra is a comedian and voice impersonator – talents that she displayed during a show as seen in the video below.

But not without the help of a cute, little audience member named Jam-jam!

In the video below, Gladys and Jam-jam jammed together while singing Beyonce’s hit song “Listen” but not without Glady’s making the audience laugh as she talked with the little girl using her Mahal-voice impersonation!

Gladys started with singing a few lines to the song but then giving the girl the full spotlight as she sang the notably high-pitched song on her own while sitting down, mind you.

The audience gave her a full round of applause, with Gladys kissing her cheek and clapping for her for her heartfelt rendition of the song.


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