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This Cheese is older than Jesus Christ, archaeologists claims

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This cheese that the archaeologists had found will put Trader’s Joe’s aged Gouda to shame. Some cheese can be aged five years, ten years, but this cheese dates back as far as 1615 BC, and that makes older than Jesus Christ!

According to Ryot, the cheese has essentially been vacuum-packed for centuries in the Taklamakan Desert, where dry air, salty earth and tightly-sealed burial conditions kept it from decaying.

This cheese was discovered buried with the ancient mummies in China, it was found on the chests and necks of Bronze Age cheese aficionados.

In reports of the USA Today, the cheese aficionados were a Bronze Age people who buried their own under wood boats wrapped tightly with cowhide, creating a vacuum-packed effect better than any Ziplock bag.

The mummies were pulled out of Small River Cemetery Number 5 located in the expansive Taklamakan Desert of northwestern China.

According to the scientists who studied the cheese that was discovered in the ‘30s, the proteins and fats in the clumps of the 3,600-year-old food to reveal its age and to be sure that it was not butter or milk.

They say that the cheese was probably lactose-free and made by combining milk with a starter mixture made up of bacteria and yeast. That process is different from the present day routine of using rennet, a substance from the guts of calf, lamb, or kid, to make cheese.

Some say that the oldest cheese discovered might have tasted like a cottage cheese.

Watch the video and discover other food and drinks older than you think.

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