Boyband member collapsed on air

Singer collapsed on plane after wearing 12 layers of clothes

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A member of a British boyband collapsed due to heat exhaustion during a flight going to Glasgow.

The boy passes out on EasyJet flight while wearing twelve layers of clothing, including five pairs of trousers, to avoid paying the excess luggage fee.

James McElvar, 19-year-old singer of the Scottish five-piece boyband Rewind, was about to board the plane, unfortunately he has too much baggage and given an option to hand carry only one luggage and pay an extra £45 for the excess.

So he decided to wear his extra clothes to avoid the payment. He wore 6 shirts, 4 jumpers, 3 jeans, 2 jogging pants, a shorts, a jacket and 2 caps. He thought he was having a heart attack when he lost his consciousness at 37,000 feet high in the sky.


Photo from the band's twitter account.
Photo from the band’s twitter account.


The cabin crew instantly rush to his location and helped in removing the extra clothing.

According to James:

It was very difficult to walk onto the plane. I managed to sit in the seat for a minute or two. But I just couldn’t take the heat.

I was sweating and they kept asking me to put the belt on but I couldn’t sort it,

It was just a nightmare I was having.

McElvar is in safe condition now according to the band’s tweet.


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