Shaolin Monk runs atop water

Shaolin Monk runs on top of water for 125 meters, sets world record

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Swimming across an entire body of water is a big enough challenge for most people. But a Shaolin Monk has accomplished the impossible by running across more than a hundred meters on the surface of water assisted only by thin plywood planks that would otherwise sink if someone else had done the stunt themselves.

In a video by New China TV on YouTube, Shi Liliang, a monk of the Buddhist Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, may not exactly have done Jesus-style walking on water, but his stunt is not exactly one to ignore either.

Also known as the Southern Shaolin Monastery, it is famous for its Kung – fu monks that undergo hard training to pull off amazing acrobatic and physical stunt. Built around a strict daily routine of exercise, contemplation and lessons on Buddhism, Shaolin monks often challenge themselves to complete incredibly difficult tasks requiring months of highly repetitive training.

The monks believe the human strength is purely a matter of the mind and that there are no limits to what can be done with a human body once it is trained to do something automatically. Shi has been training to run on water for ten years, using nothing but thin, floating boards for support.


Shi Liliang ran a length of 125 meters on water
Shi Liliang ran a length of 125 meters on water


In a record-setting stunt of concentration and balance, He ‘ran’ a length of 125 meters on water, breaking his previous records of 118 meters and then 120 meters. Crowds of people gathered to watch the monk attempt the challenge.

Shi Liliang doesn’t make it past the halfway mark on his first two tries, falling into what must have been very cold water. Cheered by a large crowd, Shi Liliang finally manages to complete the distance on his third attempt, taking quick, short steps to balance on the dangerous slippery planks.

Having spent a long time working on his speed and balance at Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, the monk finally succeeded in crossing the 125 meter wide river. It took three tries and more than a decade of training before he finally completed 125 meters.

Footage of Shi Liliang doing the impossible was caught by New China TV.

“People need to trust themselves,” Shi said in a TV interview.

Last year, I failed five times, and I managed to run 118 meters successfully.

“You need to be fast but you should take only small steps,” Shi told reporters.

While he has received quite a bit of attention for the stunt, Shi is still a monk .He said he will use the funds raised as tuition money for underprivileged students. He is also likely to attempt to break his own record yet again in the future.


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