Ridgway pleaded guilty

Serial Killer cries while listening to an Elderly Man’s speech for him

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It’s unbelievable how this serial killer’s conscience was not disturbed when the families of his victims said what they feel. But he was moved to tears by a message of an elderly man.

Guilty of murdering 48 women in the U.S, Gary Leon Ridgway also known as “The Green River Killer”, also killed as many as 60 women along Route 99 in south King County, Washington.

Salt Lake City, Utah is where Ridgway was born and lived in for most of his life. He was married for three times. And according to “Gary Ridgway Biography” on Bio: “Ridgway’s slayings began in 1982, when young runaways and prostitutes began disappearing from state Route 99 in south King County, Washington. He brought many of them to his home and strangled them, then left them in woodsy, remote sites. The first few bodies turned up along the now-notorious Green River.” Ridgway still deals frequently with prostitutes despite his marriages and his practice of religion.


Gary Leon Ridgway convicted for his murderous act


The video exposes a part of Ridgway’s sentencing after he pled guilty to 48 counts of murder. As the families of the victims are talking, remorse can’t be seen on Ridgway’s face until an elderly man took the podium and stated his message which finally broke Ridgway into tears.

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

Matthew 18:21

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