Edible water container

Scientists have created a water bottle that you can eat

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A company has created a replacement for water bottles that you can actually eat!

It is no secret that plastic water bottles is just one of the causes why the environment is harmed. The Americans alone uses approximately more then 50 million of plastic water bottles each year, and only 23% of it are recycled.

But what if we could find a way to replace plastic water bottles into something more environmental friendly, and even, edible?

This is were Ooho! made a great entrance! This completely biodegradable water “bottle” that abstains plastic packaging altogether for a biodegradable seaweed and calcium chloride based membrane which is really safe for humans to eat!

Ooho!, vaguely reminiscent of a silicone implant, is essentially an edible water ballon.

When you wanted to be hydrated, you just simple pierce the membrane and slurp away!

Spheres of ice are treated with a liquid form of seaweed-derived membrane to be able to create the bottles. When the membranes took on solid from and the water melts, a portable, eco-friendly serving of packaged water remains.

Each of this orb costs only 2 cents to make!

The most clear inspiration is the way nature encapsulate liquids using membranes. Made of lipids and proteins, the membrane enclose, limit and give a shape, keeping the balance between the interior and the exterior,

wrote by the product’s designers.

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