Mr. Pat with his tears of joy

School Janitor was called to clean up but got pranked instead

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An unsung hero is a person who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them.

Mr. Patton is one such person. He is a school custodian at a Nashville elementary school. According to him,

“It’s very important for kids to come to a clean school.”

And it was for this very reason that he takes pride in his work as the school custodian. Not only that, he cares about the teachers and the kids too, treating them as if they were his own.

So in an effort to thank him, the whole school came together and planned a surprise for Mr. Patton. Disguising the event as the staff doing a profile of the school, they set out and made decorations and prepared the gym for the big surprise.

When they were ready, they called in Mr. Patton, saying there was a “major spill” in the gym. He was delightedly surprised to find the kids and the school staff, banners in hand and smiles on their faces, waiting for him.


The adorable kids who helped to surprise Mr. Patton.
The adorable kids who helped to surprise Mr. Patton.


They awarded him with $1000 (approximately Php 48,000) and lots of letters to tell him how much he is appreciated. Mr. Patton may have had tears in his eyes by the end of the video below, but the smile on his face tells us that those tears were tears of joy.

Watch the inspiring prank of the lovely students and staff of the school.


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