Saddest X Factor Performance

Saddest X-Factor performance moved judges and audience to tears

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A very emotional performance by a mechanic man dedicated to his late best friend moved both the audience and the judges.

Josh Daniel performed a heart rending version of Jealous by Labyrinth. He chose the song after suffering from depression because of the loss of Thomas Wolley, his bestfriend who died in 2013.

It was indeed a tough experience for him and he spent an awfully lot of time all by himself.

He explained that he can really relate to the song’s lyrics that made him fell in love to it afterwards. The song also helped him to express his emotions that he has been keeping to himself. However, according to him, singing made a huge impact in his life. It helped him get it all back together. Josh Daniel said,

It’s a really good form of expression.


He said that the felt really blessed after receiving emotional reaction and praises from the audience and the judges saying,

I think it feels amazing. I just feel blessed that I’ve managed to have that experience and impact.

The Mirror reported that Simon Cowell’s mother also died just before Josh Daniel had his audition. In the video, Simon can be seen speechless and wiping away a tear before they gave out their votes.

Josh Daniel admitted that he didn’t see any of it coming, but he knows that Simon Cowell also lost his mother so it was reasonable that he was touched deeply by his performance.

He also added, “Everyone was emotional, I was emotional.”

Thomas’s family are fully supporting Josh Daniel and they said it “means the world” to them that the singer dedicated his audition performance to his best friend.


Josh Daniel expressing his heart out through his rendition of the song.
Josh Daniel expressing his heart out through his rendition of the song.


Better get a box of tissue ready before watching Josh’s emotional performance below. Share us your thoughts on the comment section!


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