Roads are melting

Roads are melting in India because of record-breaking heat wave

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Roads are melting in India. Shocking temperature in New Delhi continues to hover near 45 degrees Celsius that it makes the road melts.

An unbelievable picture shows the roads of the Indian capital New Delhi melting in a heatwave.

The death toll has topped over 1,100 people. And according to the prediction of forecasters it will get even hotter.

Roads in New Delhi have started to melt as temperature rises over 45 degree Celsius.

Elderly, homeless people and construction workers who are unable to heed official advice to stay indoors are some of the people who have died in the heatwave.


The death toll has topped over 1,100 people
The death toll has topped over 1,100 people

Local meteorologists said the heat was a result of north-westerly dry and hot winds from Rajasthan state, which shares a border with Pakistan.

In some areas of New Delhi there have been power cuts of up to 10 hours a day as the electricity grid struggled to cope with the demand from millions of air conditioners.

Government urged people to drink water and stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day to avoid heat stroke.

Weather officials say the burning temperatures are likely to continue for at least another week.

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