Constriction against Venom

Python vs King Cobra, a street fight between constriction against venom

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The best street battle in Singapore!

Students from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University campus witness a battle for survival when they saw a python and a king cobra began fighting each other on the street.

The deadly reptiles had made their way into the city from the dense jungle surrounding the concrete jungle.

A small group of local began to gather to watch the intense street battle of the two snakes which takes place on the edge of the tarmac road, up against the curb.

The python and king cobra were locked in a deadly embrace. Twisting on the ground, the thick coils of the cobra attempts to free its head from the tight grip of the python’s tail around its neck.


Screenshot from the video
A close up view of the fight scene.


According to PhD student Abhishek Ambede, at one point in the fight, the python “had constricted around the cobra’s head.”

The head of the python tries to lash out the king cobra’s long body while the king cobra tries to use its deadly teeth to slit its enemy and injects its deadly poison.

The python was caught at the site of the fight while the king cobra rushed into the bushes.


Screenshot from the video
The two serpents are now tangled.


According to one of the witness, the king cobra believed to have bitten the python during their fight.

The street snake battle went on for about 30 minutes before the highly-venomous king cobra escaped to the bushes.

Pest control team came to the rescue. After casually picking the creature up with their equipment, the snake was carefully placed inside a large bag.


Screenshot from the video
The Pest Control Team takes over the scene.


The king cobra was relocated to a zoo, and the python was released into the wild.

Pythons are common in Singapore, while cobras are very rare and usually stay in the jungle. Pythons are not normally dangerous to humans and are non-venomous.

But they said that the python’s chance of survival is very low.


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