The photographer talking to his friends

Photographer almost got bitten by a huge Crocodile

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Taking a pictures of every thing when you travel is good. But we should also take cautions especially when we’re taking photos of the wild.

We don’t know if there’s something beside us like snake, wild cat, a wolf or we’re already getting near a cliff or a deadly object when we focus on our subject in photography.

Just like this video uploaded by David Clow on YouTube, a guy is having a good time taking photos of nature including the giant reptiles on the water.

However, while enjoying the scene and focusing on his models on the water, the man forgot that he’s getting closer the shoreline where the other crocodiles are hiding and waiting to catch their prey.


This guy is taking a shot of his exotic subject.


As he moves closer to the water, the predators waits for the right time to attack him. Thankfully, his friends noticed what will happen and started to shout all their might to warn him.

The guy thought that his friends are just trying to make a noise but when someone threw a stone at the reptiles, he saw what’s coming and quickly moved up to the higher place. Luckily he survived the bite of the world’s one of the strongest jaws.


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