Maine Mendoza visits GMA News headquarters

Maine Mendoza, pinagkaguluhan sa News Room ng GMA-7

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Phones and cameras raised up high as Maine Mendoza visited a newsroom

You would think that seeing as they work in GMA7, albeit in the news department, they would have been more used than us when they see celebrities. After all, they have higher chances than most to see one walking along the corridors of their office than we do!

But maybe there really is something about Maine Mendoza, otherwise known as Yaya Dub of the very famous AlDub loveteam, that makes people drawn to her wherever she goes.

In the video below, you could see the people in the newsroom of GMA7 going gaga over Maine as she graced their presence. Phones were raised up high just so they could take even one good photo or a video of her, and people were repeatedly trying to catch her attention with their enthusiastic hellos.

Maine really has come so far in her career in such a short period of time and we’re sure all AlDub fans are so proud of her and her achievements.


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