Pauleen Luna-Sotto and Jose Manalo.

Pauleen Luna kept her eyes open for more than 30 minutes for P10,000

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Eat Bulaga’s newest game warns their contestants, “Bawal Kumurap Nakamamatay… ng Swerte”.

The mechanics of the game is simple, you need to look straight into the cash prize and try not to blink. Yes, you read that right. You will lose to your opponent with just a single blink of your eye.

Two teams who will earn the highest point will win the prize and tries their luck over the jackpot round.

The Blue Team’s members are Luan Dy, Baeby Baste and Pauleen Luna Sotto. And the Yellow Team consists of Ryzza Mae Dizon, Pia Guanio and Jose Manalo.

The Yellow Team dominates the first and second rounds, so they won. But they decided to continue the game. And on the third and final round, the record-breaking moment happens.


Pauleen Luna-Sotto’s record-breaking moment in “Bawal Kumurap Nakamamatay ng Swerte” of Eat Bulaga

The main event of the segment, Pauleen versus Jose. The two Dabarkads made it to the 19-minute mark, but Jose loses this round over Pauleen.

Pauleen continues her stunt up to the 30th minute of the round but decided to stop because of the limited time of the show.

Bossing tries to distract his wife and said…

Kapag kumurap ka, akin ka! Kapag hindi ka kumurap, akin ka pa rin.

She recorded a whopping 30 minutes and 41 seconds time.


World record for longest time without blinking

Michael Thomas from Florida, USA managed to keep his eye open for 1 hour, 5 minutes and 61 seconds.


References: Image screenshot and video from Eat Bulaga’s YouTube Channel, Record Setter

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