Crab vs Octopus

Octopus jumps out of water to capture Giant Crab

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A lone crab was minding its own business when suddenly something sinister leaped out of the water and began chasing it.

One woman never thought that her ordinary filming of a crab on the rocks by the water will take a suddenly surprising twist.

While filming the somewhat daily routine of the crab an unexpected predator came out from the water and started chasing the crab.

The woman was shocked and surprised as seen by how her camera shook then she started screaming “…there’s an octopus eating a crab”.

Well it did turn out to be a big black slimy octopus in a strange chasing scene on top of a rock with a crab who was trying to get away from it.

Like a speeding bolt, the fast crawling octopus caught the crab. The superior octopus was next seen dragging its newly caught prey on the rocks back to the water where they eventually disappear under some rocks.

This surely is one of nature’s unusual battle for survival between the octopus and the crab executed not in the water but on land; and everything was caught by the woman in her video.

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