Michael V. as Aling Mary

Naka “CR Break” si Aling Mary kaya bawal istorbohin (Bubble Gang)

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Never disturb Aling Mary when she’s on her CR Break or else…

Aling Mary, starring Michael V, is another Bubble Gang skit that tells the story of a cruel registrar who treats his customers badly and sells cheap items for expensive prices. Fans consider Aling Mary as Mr. Assimo’s best friend because of similarities in their behavior.

The episode started off like another usual day for Aling Mary to annoy her customers. They have been waiting for her for quite a while because she was having her CR Break. When Aling Mary came back, the costumers quickly rushed to her desk. However, Aling Mary didn’t accommodate them right away. The woman, portrayed by Carla Abellana, politely handed out her papers but Aling Mary said her break was not yet done.

The woman complained that Aling Mary is no longer having a CR Break because she is, obviously, not in the CR anymore. Aling Mary, as usual, irritably said that as long as the sign saying “CR Break” is on the desk, she is still having her break. After a few minutes, the woman asked Aling Mary if she’’s done with her CR Break. Aling Mary quietly took the woman’s paper and without even reading it she handed it back to her and gave her an instruction. But knowing Aling Mary, she might be plotting something fishy.

Aling Mary intentionally turned off the aircon but claimed that it is broken. She said that she will not be signing papers if they will not buy her fan which costs 100 pesos.

Rushing towards the registrar, the woman complained that Aling Mary gave her the wrong instructions, well, there goes the Aling Mary we know!

Aling Mary said she should fall in line again and buy herself a fan or else she will not sign her papers. Though the woman protest, Aling Mary screamed out her famous line, “Going, going? Next!”

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