Petite as the hardworking helper

Kasambahay, kinasuhan ng Reclusion Perpetua sa krimen na hindi niya sinasadya (Comedy Bar)

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Petite guested on the defunct live comedy show of GMA Network every Saturday night, Comedy Bar wherein Allan K. and Eugene Domingo hosted the program.

Comedy Bar became the stepping stone of some popular stand-up comedians now like Petite.

Part of Petite’s act for the night is the story of a hardworking helper named Filomena Felicidad or Fifi.

Fifi’s Story

The story started in a court hearing wherein Fifi was accused of a crime and sentenced to a Reclusion perpetua or life imprisonment. The narrator asked Filomena to tell the story of what really happened to her.

Fifi introduced herself as an all-around person, she can do almost everything her employer wants. For example, she can do the laundry, she can wash the dishes, she can clean the house, she can cook, she can iron the clothes and of course, she can eat.

Meanwhile, when she’s outside the house she can still do many things such as; fixing electical lines; fixing water pipes; and almost anything that you can imagine that can be done outdoors.

Because of her extreme talent, she was hired by a very rich family in Ilocos. Because of their richness, they have a huge house with 252 rooms and 1 common bathroom.

Aside from cleaning the house, she was tasked to take care of a bedridden woman who was supported by a life machine. And her misfortune started when she accepted her job on this family. Check out the video to experience a good laugh and for the complete story of Fifi’s life changing adventures.

Sources: Video by Petite Brockovich on YouTube

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