The entertaining Math Teacher

Math Professor pranks students with awesome video presentation

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Most of us hates Mathematics. Maybe because the teacher is boring or the student is not interested.

What if your Trigonometry Professor is this guy on the video? At first you would think that he’s just an ordinary teacher, but when it comes in entertaining his students, he made an effort and created a funny video presentation for his class.

The Awesome Professor

Matthew Weathers, a Math Teacher at Biola University, uploaded a video of him last April 2, 2015. On the video, he’s doing a video presentation for his students.

He’s showing his students a “homework help” video, as the video goes on, he started commenting and then the video answered back.

Then the funny prank started and it seems that his students enjoyed his little presentation for this year’s April Fool’s Day.

What can you say about his creative efforts in presenting his video?


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