The GPS Wedding Proposal

Marriage proposal via GPS: Man travels across Japan, spells out his love

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Yasushi Takahashi (nicknamed Yassan) wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a slightly more impressive way when he decided to pop the question. In June 2008, on his 31st birthday, he quit his job and embarked on an epic 6-month adventure across Japan.

He took with him a GPS logger to document the journey as he experienced the “Japan that [he knows] only in books.” Yassan follows a pre-planned map to travel. He then downloads the GPS-logged data into mapping software such as Google Earth to show the result.

In 2010, it took him 6 months to walk all over Japan to create his unique marriage proposal. The resulting image spells out “Marry Me” across the length of Japan, with a heart covering the island of Hokkaido.

Thankfully, she said YES!

Although the marriage was indeed good news, more happiness was in store for Yassan a couple of years later when Guinness World Records acknowledged his letter as “the world’s largest GPS drawing” at 7,164km (4,451mi) long.


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