Boy born with 'ectopia cordis'

Man’s heart beating outside his rib cage, a rare medical condition

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A very unbelievable video has now gone viral of an Indian teenager born with his heart outside his rib cage, beating under just a thin later of skin.

Arpit Gohil, 18-year-old, was suffering from a very rare congenital condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell, wherein the heart is beating outside his rib cage and is just protected by a very thin layer of skin.

He was born with the most severe expression of the deformity in which the heart is completely displaced outside of the thoracic cavity and not protected by the chest.

When Arpit was born, the doctors told his family that he has almost no hope of survival, but he was now hailed by the doctors as a ‘medical miracle’ that he already celebrated his 18th birthday.

According to the doctors, a slight bump into Arpit’s heart could actually kill him, but he miraculously survived each and everyday of his 18 years of life.

Despite the risks, Arpit makes sure that he live life to the fullest. He loves driving tractors and also an eager tree climber.

I don’t have any problems, and have got used to living with the condition now. I can do everything like a normal person and don’t have any trouble with my jobs on the farm, whether it be tilling the land, driving a tractor or riding a bike,

he said.

People were very curious about his condition, so when someone come up to him and tell him they want to see his heart, he gamely shows it to them.

There are only 165 cases of Pentalogy of Cantrell, also called as ectopia cordis, known to the world.

Children with that kind of condition would be treated with kid gloves, wrapped in cotton wool and refrain from unnecessary risks. But Arpit was no ordinary man. He really is a miracle!

After Aprit read a similar case of a girl in China, he is now considering having an operation to move his heart into its correct position.

Hopefully the operation would be successful so Arpit wouldn’t be too scared to move anymore.

References: Mail Online, Image screenshots and video by StoryTrender on YouTube

WARNING: This video has graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.


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