A date with a selfie addict

Man teaches his selfie addict Girlfriend a lesson

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Having a dinner date with your special someone is romantic, especially if you enjoy the food and discuss memorable things about your relationship.

Taking photos of your sweet dinner date as a souvenir is a great way to treasure each moment. But what if taking a “selfie” can ruin a romantic dinner date?

This selfie addict girl cannot let go of her camera while eating. She take pictures of herself with different poses. It’s acceptable if you take two to three pictures of yourself and then focus on eating and bonding with your date, but what happened to this girl is out of control.


The man noticed that the woman continues to take selfies.


The last warning for the woman before the epic moment.


This dinner date between couples became so hilarious that it will make into a comedy film. See how his boyfriend reacts when she is taking selfie moments with the food that she is going to partake.


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