840 Rubik's Cube Proposal

Man proposes with 840 pcs. of Rubik’s Cube portrait, got rejected

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In love, we would do anything just to prove for that someone how much we love them but sometimes effort isn’t enough. A man did a very huge effort to declare his love for his crush but he just got heartbroken.

What will you do to show your love and interest for your crush or special someone? Will you climb 3 mountains to show her/him your love? Or will you use your talent to make something that will surely make him/her fall for you? But i guess those aren’t enough to have someone’s heart, maybe he/she is really not for you.

Tong Ao’nan, a 27-years-old Chinese guy from Shenyang, wanted to show his affection to a very special person. He stayed awake for several nights to solve 840 pieces of Rubik’s cube to create a portrait of his dream girl, which was his neighbor.

I simply wanted to surprise her and tell her I like her … but I was rejected,

said Tong

When asked how he was feeling he said: “I’m not giving it too much thought.”

He solved each Rubik’s cube according to his design and placed them one-by-on in a specially made wooden frame. Tong spent two months planning the 2.1 meter high and 1.4 meter wide portrait mosaic. And took him 20 hours over three nights to complete it.

According to him, he first drafted a design on Photoshop and them spent almost $460 on all the Rubik’s cubes.

Tong himself shared his heartbreaking story on social media by posting the photos of the mosaic that quickly went viral because of it’s sad story.

Many people are commenting and questioning why the girl would reject someone who’s so effort and passionate just to show his love for her.


Tong Ao'nan spent almost 20 hours in three nights to finish his masterpiece
Tong Ao’nan spent almost 20 hours in three nights to finish his masterpiece


But despite of the rejection he received from the girl, Tong says he has no hard feeling for her. Although he wasn’t able to win her heart, he said she was moved by the gift and has accepted it.

“I hope they will stop making personal comments about her (online).” he said

References: Image screenshots and video by TomoNews US on YouTube, CNN


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