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Man performs a Piano Concert at the Mall, but “playing is NOT allowed”?

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A man was on his way home when he came up across a crowd in a mall in Quezon City. There was a mini Piano Concert happening in a piano display on the center of a mall.

The video started with the song “Ting A Ling” by Pauline Sevilla, played by a very talented and amazing grandfather.

The next song played was “Sing” by Joe Raposo. A song written for the children’s television show Sesame Street. The song became popular after the Carpenters made a version of it.

And the last song played by the magnificent man was the popular theme song of a classic cartoon, Voltes V’s “Voltes V no Uta”. The song was originally sung by Mitsuko Horie, a Japanese voice actress and singer.

After playing some songs for free on a public place, the camera focused on a signage which has a writings,

“Playing is not allowed. Tnx.”

What can you say about the amazing talent of the old man? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks.

A video by fwh on YouTube.


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