Luke Aikins epic skydiving

Man jumped out of an airplane with “no parachute”

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Not all people are fan of heights, especially when jumping off any high places without safety gears or parachute. Some considers this thing as their hobby just like “skydiving” or “parachuting”.

Last July 30, 2016, a man named Luke Aikins made a world record for being the very first person to skydive without any parachute on his back. Luke jumped off the plane at 25,000 feet above the Simi Valley in California, USA.

He was accompanied by three spotters with smoke signals to ensure his safety during his dive. At the height of 5,000 feet off the ground, his spotters opened their chutes one by one, leaving Luke on his own.

Some shots on the video are from Luke’s head cam. With less than 1,000 feet before he lands, he turned his body to avoid any injuries from the impact.



The 42-year-old skydiver landed in a large 100 by 100 feet net safely after almost 3 minutes of falling at a speed of 120 miles per hour.



The crowd cheered when Luke made his contact with the huge trampoline. He didn’t made any move for some seconds and maybe enjoying the great moment. And when he started moving, the net started to get lower then his wife gave him a big hug for his achievement.

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