Man found neighbour's dog inside a predator

Man helps find neighbour’s dog but he found a predator instead

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This guy was into a big surprise, yes that big when he tries to locate their neighbour’s missing canine.

Sebastien Bascoules, a 39 year old mathematician educator in French Guiana, take captive a enormous 17 feet anaconda while looking for their neighbour’s dog from a river near their neighbour’s house.

Sebastien tries to grapple this huge anaconda using his bare hands. He said that this is a dream come true to seize this massive reptile. It common in French Guiana to encounter some snakes and there are 98 species found in the Amazon river. He said that he caught around 20 anacondas but nothing like this.

It was really difficult to capture these kind of snakes because they are very strong,

as he narrated on his encounter.

This is the reason why I asked my friend to help me by catching his tail otherwise it could bite or strangulate me.

“If you know what to do, there is no problem.”
he adds.

After it was dejected, Sebastien place a cloth around the anaconda’s head. He said that this technique will make the serpent harmless like a big worm.


Is this the missing dog? (Screenshot from the video)


He let the anaconda stay for a night at their house by placing it in a bath tub and released it on the next day in a river which is 10 kilometres away from them.

Lastly, he joked in the video below by saying,

It is more easy for me to catch an anaconda than speaking English.


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