Ancient underground passage

Man discovered an “ancient city” passage after renovating his house

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When renovating a house, it is merely tearing down all the walls but a simple swing of a hammer. However this guy discovered something great after smashing his wall.

A 50 year old man discovered an entire underground city in Turkey. This underground city is called Derinkuyu. The man is identified as Mustapha Bozemir. He decided to renovate his one structure house in Melikgazi, Turkey. He inherited this property five years ago from his deceased relative.

He found a mysterious room after the carpenters demolished the wall. He was surprised after he saw this room. After entering the room, he discovered a massive subterranean system with caves under his home.Their findings show that the cave was dated thousands of years back.

This underground city includes hidden entrances, ventations, well and passageways which was hidden for centuries. This also provides residential quarters, shops, tombs, storages, livestock and a school that can house more thn 20,000 residents.


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