Maine Mendoza entertains the AlDubNation

Maine Mendoza got emotional while singing in front of her fans

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Watch why Maine cried in front of her fans during their #AlDubProjectUnity event.

July 4 last year 2015 when Maine Mendoza finally entered the showbiz and joined the Eat Bulaga and gave happiness to so many people. When she and Alden were accidentally paired up that created so much noise all over the world, people who were really into them started to create fan clubs/fandoms.

Last night, July 3, 2016, all the fan clubs of Maine and Alden were gathered together to give thanks to their idols. Fandoms from all over the Philippines are there to celebrate and enjoy with each other.

Aldub-Maiden called it the ALDUB PROJECT UNITY were all the fans with of course Maine and Alden have a simple get together. And it was organized by the head of AlDub Maiden United, Ms. Katya Canovas.

Maine who came after Alden left serenaded her fans with her song ‘Imagine You And Me’. While singing, Maine couldn’t help but cry because of how happy she is hearing all her fans singing with her.


Credits to the owner
Credits to the owner


She was very overwhelmed seeing and hearing all of them sings with her. It was really a night to remember for all the AlDub-Maiden fans as they got the chance to take photos, talk with their idols, and most specially show their full support and love for them.

As much as Alden and Maine wanted to attend together their hectic schedule cannot make it, but that doesn’t lessen their love for their fans because they really made time for it. Alden who has a show in Batangas that time still manage to attend the event.

Hats off to all the ALDUB-MAIDEN United for creating this kind of event for the fans and also for Maine and Alden.


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