Maine Mendoza taking flu shot

Look at Maine Mendoza’s cute reaction while receiving a flu shot

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Last August 8, 2015, the Kalyeserye’s YaKie wedding was supposed to happen. YaKie is the shortened name for Yaya DUB and Frankie Arinoli, characters portrayed by the Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza and Jose Manalo in Eat Bulaga’s popular segment, Kalyeserye #KiligPaMore.

However, the wedding didn’t take place as Maine fainted for real and was rushed to the hospital due to over fatigue. Fans were concerned for her health but she assured them it was nothing major.

So when photos of Maine getting an injection surfaced a month after that happened, fans became concerned again.

But there was no need to fret as Maine was only getting flu shots to defend herself from sickness. After all, Maine is now one of the hottest (and busiest) stars in the business so getting sick is a no-no!

Watch the slideshow of her pictures and see her cute reactions when she was getting an injection!


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