Multiply using lines

Learn how to multiply numbers by “drawing lines”

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Are you having a hard time solving multiplication problems? Specially computing large numbers without using a calculator or any computing tool?

This video from Mind Your Decisions might help you enhance your skills to solve your mathematical nightmares. And this is not just a simple technique, it is also creative and amusing.

Here’s a creative mathematical approach where you can multiply numbers by just “drawing lines”. Yes, you can use lines to multiply large numbers!

On the example above, we need to multiply 12 x 13.

First, for 1, draw a line and for 2, leave a space and draw two lines.


Step 1 (Screenshot from the video)
Step 1
(Screenshot from the video)


Then for 1 and 3, draw their lines on the opposite direction.


Step 2 (Screenshot from the video)
Step 2
(Screenshot from the video)


After that, we need to separate the sides and then count the intersections.


Step 3 and 4 (Screenshot from the video)
Step 3 and 4
(Screenshot from the video)


And there it is, the answer is 156!

For more amazing examples and clearer explanation, please watch the cool tutorial video below.


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