JoWaPao showcases their animalistic talent

JoWaPao, pinabilib si Bossing at viewers sa kanilang “Animal Sound Rap Battle”

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Jose, Wally and Paolo amazes the audience with their “Animal Sound Rap Battle”

Eat Bulaga’s popular segment Juan for All, All for Juan visited Brgy. Mangino, Gapan, Nueva Ecija. The winner assemble slipper parts as her livelihood.

Her husband is a fast talker that’s why Wally asked him if he’s a former rapper. Jose, Wally and Paolo decided to interview the husband and wife at once, resulting in a very confusing discussion that made the audience laugh.

Bossing Vic Sotto decided to join the confusing discussion that draw more laughter from the audience and other hosts of the show.

Wally compared the situation to the famous “Rap Battle”, wherein two contestants will face each other and deliver witty and mind blowing lines of rap to each other.

After giving the prizes for the Winner, Bossing asked the trio if a goat can do a rap. Wally quickly respond in a goat’s sound while rapping and waving his hands like a professional rapper.

 A screenshot from the video.
Wally the Goat, Jose the Rooster and Paolo the Cat

Jose suggested that cats can also do a rap. Paolo started his cat sound, a sound of a cat who’s looking for a date on the rooftop. Vic can’t help himself but to laugh because of the awkward sound created by Paolo.

Then Jose joined the Rap Battle, he mimics the sound of a lazy frog. Together, they started their epic and hilarious “Animal Sound Rap Battle”.


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