Jose Manalo copying Alden Richard's epic crying moment

Jose Manalo, umiiyak habang kumakanta ng “God Gave Me You”

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Bryan White, an American country artist, released “God Gave Me You” from his “How Lucky I Am” album sometime in 1999. However, it was almost 16 years later that the song became a massive hit in the Philippines because of the phenomenal AlDub loveteam. It has become a favorite dubsmash song by the Kalyeserye stars Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza during the Kalyeserye segment of the noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga!

Jose Manalo singing God Gave Me You while impersonating Alden Richards’ crying scene

In fact, you might remember that episode wherein the Pambansang Bae dedicated the song to the Dubsmash Queen.

And it was probably what Jose Manolo was mimicking as he sang “God Gave Me You” during a mall show at the SM North Skydome last December. Jose plays multiple characters in Kalyeserye (e.g. Frankie A. Arenolli, Don Francisco “Franing” Arenolli and Lola Tinidora) and is all too acquainted with the ongoing of the hit segment.


 A screenshot from the video.
Comedy Concert Queen, Ms. Aiai delas Alas asking Jose why he’s crying.


He also often mimicked Alden during the show saying how they both had dimples anyway. In the video, you can even hear the the Concert Comedy Queen AiAi delas Alas saying to Jose,

Ilabas mo ‘yang dimple mo Alden (show your dimple, Alden)!

Watch the video and see Jose’s funny rendition and how he copied Alden’s singing of the song, *”God Gave Me You”*!


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