Jose Manalo's acting skills

Jose, biglang sinapian ng asawa ng nanalo sa Juan for All

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Jose got possessed by the winner’s deceased husband during the Sugod Bahay segment

Another hilarious prank of Jose during their Juan For All, All For Juan ‘Sugod Bahay’ segment! This will surely make you laugh again!

Before the segment ends and after giving all the prizes and money to the lady who won at the ‘Sugod Bahay’, Jose together with Wally and Paolo interviewed and asked Aling Luz, the winner, about his deceased husband.

According to Aling Luz, his husband was dead for already 7 years, then she began to tell them a scary story that happened to her when she was sleeping. While she was sleeping the other night, her room has no light but the the light suddenly lit up.

When asked Aling Luz if she wanted to talk to his husband, Jose slowly walks on the corner and began shaking like someone who’s been into an exorcism.


Jose draws laughter from the Dabarkads.
Jose draws laughter from the Dabarkads.


Jose’s ‘sanib’ prank was so hilarious as he talks like an old man and introduced himself as Romy, Aling Luz deceased husband.

The possessed Jose as Mang Romy, keeps on talking to Aling Luz asking her if she did feels him last night, in which Aling Luz gamely answers Jose’s jokes.

Everyone from the Broadway were laughing as Jose keeps on imitating a possessed person. Then Joey asked Jose to describe the people he were bumping into from where he’s from.

Jose told them that he sees different people there, and some of them have tails. Which made everyone laugh again because of his joke.

Before the episode ended, Jose as Mang Romy and Aling Luz started to sing their theme song.


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