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Jeepney Driver offers “free ride”, just answer his question correctly

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Despite of those bad publicity of some jeepney drivers nowadays, this incredible man gives people who rides his Jeepney some good vibes!

GMA News TV’s State of the Nation with Jessica Soho, had previously featured this Jeepney driver who gives FREE ride to his whoever from his passengers answers correctly his questions from the BIBLE.

This man who caught the attention of the netizens because of how the way he shared the Word of God is known as Marcelito de Mesa, 35-year-old. And routes his jeepney in Muntinlupa Area.

Marcelito’s video of asking questions to his passengers was posted by Facebook user Djhay Coralde on his page. And was immediately shared by a lot of people on the social media.

Maya maya, Nagtanong sya sa amin tungkol sa bible, Kapag nasagot daw namin ibabalik nya yung pamasahe ng nakasagot, Akala namin nagloloko lang sya, tapos bigla na syang nagtanong ‘ Sino daw ang asawa ni abraham?’ May nakasagot ng tanong nya, Tapos binalik nya nga talaga yung pamasahe,

Coralde wrote on his caption.

According to his passengers, while Marcelito was driving he would ask questions from the Bible and let his passengers answer it. Some of his questions are difficult that no one from them can answers.

Coralde said that when he rode the Jeepney and two of Marcelito’s questions can’t be answered, he then explained the reason why he gives impromptu quiz. He wanted to let young people to know more about the Word of God.

According to Marcelito, the youth today do not read the Bible as much as the youth in the past, that’s why he wants to do his part in spreading God’s Words. His way of preaching is very inspiring and impressive. He encourage his passengers, specially the youth to read the Bible and get to know God.

Not all drivers can have that calm and peaceful interaction with their passengers, that’s why Marcelito was really a good role model and also a good follower of God!

If you want to ride his Jeepney, Coralde said you should look for the word GEMINI in front of his Jeep.

Video Source: GMA News TV


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