Self-tying shoelaces trick

How to “tie” your shoelace without using your hands

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There are different styles and ways in tying your shoelaces. Like the ladder, zipper, double back, loop back, bushwalk, sawtooth, footbag, display, hash, twistie and many more. You can Google them for their step-by-step tutorials.

On this video by farisalsiddiqi, a guy is trying to impress the girls with his awesome hands free technique on tying his shoelaces.


A guy showcases his special talent in tying his shoelace.
A guy showcases his special talent in tying his shoelace.


At first, he was struggling on tying his shoelaces because he’s not using any of his hands to tie it. He tried several times and failed, then he start to shake his foot like he’s trying to remove something from it.

When he stopped shaking, the shoelaces are tied neatly on his shoes. Everyone around him were amused and shouting because the can’t believe what they saw. Is it a magic or just pure talent?


The secret behind the self-tying shoelaces

A video from Super How To demonstrates the step-by-step guide on “How to tie your shoe laces with no hands”.

Yes, there’s a trick and you need to practice it to before you can show it to your friends.

Watch the video and master the awesome trick.


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