Michael V. practicing for Pinoy Genius

Paano nga ba magsolo practice para sa Pinoy Henyo?

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How to practice for Pinoy Henyo? (Bubble Gang)

Everybody knows how to play the popular Pinoy Henyo from the longest running noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga!

There are two players, the first player will have a word on the forehead and will as for clues about it. Then the second player will answer player one’s question by YES, NO or MAYBE. The first player must get the exact word to get a point.

Michael V. portrays a wanna be player of Pinoy Genius.
Michael V. portrays a wanna be player of Pinoy Genius.

On this comedy sketch by Bubble Gang, Bitoy got upset because the players on the television game, Pinoy Genius didn’t get the answer right. In his desperation, he wanted to join the game and decided to practice all by himself.


Things needed to practice alone:

  • A Pentel Pen or anything that can be used in writing
  • An Illustration Board or any paper where you will write the Henyo Words
  • Double-sided or any kind of tape to hold the illustration board or paper on the forehead
  • A big mirror so you can see yourself clearly
  • An electric fan
  • A bucket of confetti
  • And then set up a 2 minute timer

Instructions: Write a Henyo Word to the Illustration Board and then stick it to your forehead. Turn on the Electric Fan and face the mirror. While asking the question, throw some confetti in front of the Electric Fan without being distracted. Guess the Henyo Word before the 2 minute timer ends.

Enjoy playing!


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